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剧情介绍:  Sixty Glorious Years is an exercise in the creation of iconography, both for Victoria and its star, Anna Neagle (who subsequently became known as 'Regal Neagle'). Just as Elizabeth I commissioned artists to create flattering iconic images for public consumption, so this film performs a similar function, for Neagle is more beautiful than the real life Victoria. Controversial events (such as the 'Irish problem') are omitted and unpleasant aspects of Victoria's character (her petulance, arrogance, favouritism and 'right to privilege') are glossed over as endearing little 'whims'. Albert acts as a moderating influence when she goes too far.  The film followed a year after the highly successful Victoria the Great (d. Herbert Wilcox, 1937). Again the screenplay is by Miles Malleson and Robert Vansittart, and many of the supporting cast (the cream of acting talent of period) repeat their roles, this time for the colour cameras. This was the first full length Technicolor film of cinematographer Freddie Young, who captures the spectacle of royal weddings, grand balls and opulent interiors, with scenes actually filmed at royal palaces. Vivid battle scenes, set in Alexander Korda's empire territory (Sevastopol and the Sudan), rival those in The Four Feathers (d. Zoltan Korda 1939).  The title music sets the tone: a regal choir sings over a shot of the crown. Elgar's 1901 'Pomp and Circumstance' march is heard during the diamond jubilee celebrations and, as Victoria's coffin lies in state, the film concludes with Anthony Collins' stately music accompanied by the text of Rudyard Kipling's 'Lest we forget'. Combined with the emotional appeal of scenes of Victoria connecting with her 'ordinary folk', this is stirring stuff.  The film connects with contemporary events of 1938. The release of two celebratory royal films was intended to boost public affection for the monarchy in the wake of Edward VIII's abdication. Anglo-German relations were another touchy subject. With another war on the horizon, influential voices wanted appeasement, and the film could be seen to fit that agenda. Victoria herself was of mainly German descent, nicknamed 'the grandmother of Europe', while Albert is a 'good German', charmingly played by Anton Walbrook as a cultured, decent man.  Sixty Glorious Years now seems unduly formal and reverential. Had movies existed during Victoria's reign (they only emerged at the end) this might have been the kind of film produced. Unlike Mrs Brown (d. John Madden, 1997), it is all so very 'Victorian'.  Roger Philip Mellor
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剧情介绍:  大菩薩峠の頂上。机龍之助(市川雷蔵)は、居合わせた年老いた巡礼を一刀のもとに斬り捨てた。祖父の死に驚いたお松(山本富士子)は、怪盗・裏宿の七兵衛(見明凡太朗)に助けられ、江戸へ向かう。一方、龍之助は、御嶽山の奉納試合の相手・字津木文之丞の許嫁・お浜(中村玉緒)から、勝ちを譲るよう頼まれるが、これを断り、試合の中で文之丞を斬り倒す。そして水車小屋で悲嘆に暮れるお浜の操を奪った龍之助は、お浜を妻として共に江戸へ向かう。江戸で龍之助は新徴組に出入りし、近藤勇(菅原謙二)、芹沢鴨(根上淳)、土方歳三(千葉敏郎)らと知り合う。文之丞の訃報を知った弟の兵馬(本郷功次郎)は、龍之助の妖剣を討つべく、剣聖・島田虎之助(島田正吾)に学ぼうと江戸へ向かうが、お松と出会い、恋に落ちる。兵馬は龍之助の行方を突き止め、果たし状を送りつける。兵馬に討たれてくれと龍之助に頼むがお浜だったが、龍之助はお浜を斬り、江戸を後にして京都へ入る。途中、お浜そっくりのお豊(中村玉緒)を助けた龍之助は、芹沢をたよって新選組に入り、兵馬もまた近藤の世話で新選組入りする…。かつて大河内伝次郎や片岡千恵蔵が演じた虚無の剣士・机龍之助役に市川雷蔵が挑んだ「大菩薩峠」三部作の第一作。大衆小説の名作として名高い中里介山の原作を衣笠貞之助が脚色、監督を三隅研次が務め、ロマン漂うキメ細やかな演出を見せる。雷蔵は、クールな持ち味を発揮し、妖剣「音無しの構え」をあやつり、行く先々で波乱を巻き起こす机龍之助役を見事に演じ切った。また中村玉緒が、お浜、お豊の二役を演じ、妖しい女心を振りまく。
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剧情介绍:命运中一次次复明复暗的际遇,未尝不像是一轮轮输赢未知的赌局,你只能将自己的希望押在某个位置,然后将一切交给上帝,等待若干倍率的得失,除非你可以游刃有余的在未知的邂逅中做些手脚,如同赌场中的老千掌握了瞬息万变的指针,结局才或可改变。杰克?格林(杰森?斯坦森饰),一个艺高胆大而不拘小节的职业赌徒,正因为一次在纸牌赌局中的疏忽,才不得不锒铛入狱,当然,这场牢狱之灾和黑势力头子兼赌场老板多罗西?马舍(雷?利奥塔饰)不无关联。杰克在监狱的单人牢房里足足被关了7年,虽然时间漫长,而他却受益匪浅。这都仰仗着隔壁的两位邻居,一位是国际象棋大师,一位是顶尖级的骗术高手,两人的言传身教无疑为杰克提供了“深造”机会。于是,刑满出狱的杰克刚刚迈出监狱的门槛,便雄心勃勃的决定重返江湖。 凭借过人的胆识和高人传授的精湛技艺,再加之身为会计师的哥哥比利忠心耿耿,兄弟乔也前来助阵,杰克很快成了赌场里的常胜将军,大笔数额的钞票源源不断的被杰克纳入囊中。一天晚上,杰克等人应邀参加一场私人赌局,而对手正是有恃无恐的多罗西,对于后者而言,在不择手段的威逼恐吓下,还没遇到过一个不肯妥协的对手,不过坐在杰克面前,他却束手无策。胆大妄为的杰克不仅让蛮横的多罗西一败涂地,还不失时机的挖苦羞辱。当杰克赢光赌资扬长而去之后,恼羞成怒的多罗西下定决心要除掉杰克。 这次,杰克不仅要躲避仇家的围追堵截,还要面对命运的愚弄,因为身染罕见血液病的他只剩下3天的生存时间。杰克遇到了掌管老派黑帮的扎克(文森特?帕斯托饰)和阿维(安德烈?本杰明饰),这两个人不禁擅长放高利贷,还说能够解脱杰克的病情,可以保障他的安全,而报酬是杰克所有的资产。一系列错综交横的故事在杰克的叙述和记忆的闪回中陆续上演,不到最后一秒,幕后真相永远是待解的谜团……
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