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剧情介绍:  2019, City of Madrid (Madrid, center to Spain and country's capital). Marina is a woman unable to believe in love after her father was unfaithful to her mother Lourdes when she was a child, but who works as successful wedding planner in her own company with her close friend Irene and the own Lourdes as employee. In their last job Marina meets by chance Carlos, one of the invited. Having a drink together, between the two lights the flame and they make sex in the idea that they not will meet again. When at the next day Carlos' girlfriend Alexia finds Marina's calling card in his t-shirt, Carlos is unable to say her the truth, lying Alexia to make her believe that he wants to marry. But when Carlos and Alexia meet Marina, he learns that Alexia and Marina are former school classmates and that Marina suffered bullying from Alexia. After in the wedding where Marina met Carlos a drunken Lourdes caused an accident where the bride fell and crashed against a bank of the church turning it in an Internet video viral and it menaces to ruin Marina's company, Irene forces her to accept the new assignment, moving they three to Tenerife (Canary Islands, west to Africa) to meet hotel entrepreneur Arturo, Alexia's father. However, troubles appear by everywhere: Arturo despises Carlos not considering good enough for Alexia, while Carlos, who has an architecture studio with his best friend Ben, tries to convince his future father-in-law to work as hotel designer for him; at the same time, Marina revenges Alexia with a disastrous voyage by sea and later with a bottle cork, damaging her teeth. With Marina returning temporally Madrid to repair it, Marina and Carlos feel attracted each other, knowing that it put in danger their jobs. While Carlos doubts about between Marina and Alexia, this last one returns Tenerife with Ben, looking for sure the contract and that Carlos doesn't reveal Alexia the truth. According lies and deceives accumulate and the wedding comes, Carlos feels each time more trapped by the circumstances, making sure that the wedding day be unforgettable.
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剧情介绍:  电影剧情:  香港电影《生路》由凤凰影片公司于1956年出品。该片由梁琛执导,白明、何浩、红蝶、金辉、灵凤、黄夏飞等领衔主演。该片是凤凰影片公司继《妇道》之后的又一部社会教育片。说的是朱朴真与花花公子吕剑豪交往,珠胎暗结,竟偷去父亲的公款与剑豪私奔,却遭剑豪始乱终弃。朴真寻死,幸得表兄何健人相助,遂决意重新振作,抚养儿子成人。  出品公司:凤凰影片公司  摄制公司:国家电影制片厂  导演:梁琛  编剧:梁琛  摄影:崔鑫玉  配乐:联合录音公司  剪辑:王永华  美术设计:邝光  灯光:胡炳雄  录音:邝宁  剧务:黄林  场记:潘保虬  布景师:陈其锐  监制:香港私立中文学校联合会  制片:翟俊杰  摄影助理:梅新  场务:李华;邓洪  剧照:张文  录音助理:邝良  化妆:宋小江;冯先  洗印:新艺洗印公司  演员表:  角色 演员 备注  朱朴真 白明----  吕剑豪何浩----  徐碧瑶红蝶----  何健人金辉----  红菱灵凤----  黄文黄夏飞----  朱父黄楚山 ----  吕母马笑英----  吕父李鹏飞----  司库柠檬----  吕复生方江----  律师叶青----  教师秦楚----  大班张弓----  校长何少雄----  学生何绍基----  司理胡天----  联合主演:李菁薇
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剧情介绍:  The second part of City Slickers begins after the death of Curly. It is the 40th birthday of Mitch Robbins and the day begins quite good until he returns home (after a hard day at the radio station) and finds his brother Glen, the black sheep of the family, in his sofa. Nevertheless he is about to have a wonderful birthday-night with his wife when he discovers a treasure map of Curly by chance. Together with Phil (from the first part) and unfortunately with Glen he tries to find the hidden gold of Curly's father in the desert of Arizona instead of attending a meeting in Las Vegas. The adventurous journey reveals many surprises until everything seems to be over when the map gets lost...  故事梗概:  米奇拥有一家属于自己的电台,事业有成的他对朋友十分关照,尽管公司同事反对但他还是将刚刚离婚情绪低落的好友菲尔安排在自己的公司上班。生日这天原本米奇准备和妻子度过一个甜蜜的夜晚,但弟弟格莱恩的到来却打破了他的计划。在米奇看来格莱恩无所事事而且头脑简单,和米奇相比真不像是一对亲兄弟。  偶然间米奇从一顶破帽子里发现了一张藏宝图,这顶帽子是他的朋友卷毛生前留下的。菲尔鼓动米奇一起去寻宝,原本米奇对于寻宝的事情并不感兴趣,他认为那些都是骗人的东西。直到在图书馆里发现有关金子失窃的报道,而被通缉的窃贼正是卷毛的父亲,才相信了这一切。  米奇骗妻子到拉斯维加斯开会,和菲尔、格莱恩一同去寻宝。但地图少了一个角,他们只得按照大致路线去寻找。途中当地人劫持了他们,并准备夺走藏宝图。此时一个和卷毛长相一样的人出现救了米奇他们。经过攀谈大家得知这个人是卷毛的孪生弟弟迪克,他也是来寻宝的。米奇说服迪克和他们一起寻宝,迪克同意了。  一路上遇到很多艰难险阻,但大家彼此帮助感情加深了许多。在藏宝地米奇果然发现了金条,正当他们高兴得手舞足蹈时,卷毛以前的几个朋友出现了。朋友们告诉米奇,这不过是卷毛安排的一场游戏,根本没有宝藏,那些金子也不过是被上了颜色的道具。  经过了那么艰难的跋涉不过是在做游戏,大家心中的滋味可想而知。但不知为什么,米奇、菲尔和格莱恩却并没有为此失落,他们找到了比金子更贵重的东西,那就是友谊和信任。  精彩视点:  美国西部牛仔的传奇故事一直都是好莱坞最受青睐的电影题材,如果再加上寻找宝藏的情节将更加吸引观众眼球,本片就是这样一部现代版的西部寻宝片。本片是《城市乡巴佬》的第二部,影片倡导人与人之间彼此建立信任,真诚相待,对于一个人友谊比金钱更重要。曾参与拍摄超过100部电影及电视剧集、擅长饰演大反派的资深演员杰克·帕兰斯在本片中出演了迪克一角,1992年他曾凭借在《城市乡巴佬》第一部中的出色表现获得第64届奥斯卡最佳男配角奖。在第二部中他精湛的演技得到延续,成为影片中的亮点之一。
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剧情介绍:  Get Smart, Again! is a made-for-TV movie based on the 1965-1970 NBC/CBS television series, Get Smart!, which originally aired February 26, 1989 on ABC (ironically, the network that rejected the original pilot for the Get Smart! TV series). It has subsequently been released twice on DVD by different publishers. In the video release of the movie, the background canned laughter (pre-recorded laughter added later to the soundtrack), is absent.  Overview  Differences between Get Smart, Again! and The Nude Bomb  The film is not as well known as the earlier theatrical release, The Nude Bomb, also based on Get Smart, but was better received by fans of the original program. Unlike The Nude Bomb, which featured only the characters of Smart, The Chief (with Dana Elcar replacing the deceased Edward Platt), Agent 13 (Dave Ketchum in the series, portrayed by Joey Forman in The Nude Bomb, who had played the character Harry Hoo in the series) and Larrabee, Get Smart, Again! featured all of the surviving original cast reprising their roles. The tone and feel of Get Smart, Again! were also closer to that of the original series. Get Smart, Again! was written and produced by Leonard Stern, who was a producer of the original series. One element of the Nude Bomb ignored completely was the renaming of CONTROL as PITS in the earlier film; although as CONTROL is said to have disbanded in the 1970s, it's not impossible for both CONTROL and PITS to exist within the continuity of the franchise.  Barbara Feldon's character, 99, makes a reference to T.H.R.U.S.H., the evil organization in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., a show on which Feldon guest-starred.  Theme music  Get Smart, Again! also reprises the TV program's original theme music and opening credit sequence, which were absent from The Nude Bomb. In this case, however, the corridors were covered in cobwebs and the phone-booth elevator that led to CONTROL headquarters worked in reverse, causing Smart to be thrown to the top of the booth.  Synopsis  Maxwell Smart, acting as a protocol officer since CONTROL was disbanded in the early 1970s, is reactivated as a counterintelligence agent by Commander Drury (Kenneth Mars) of the United States Intelligence Agency. KAOS, long considered defunct, has been revitalized by a corporate takeover. Its first scheme involves turning a forgotten American scientist and using his weather control machine to extort 0 billion US dollars from the United States Government. Drury, convinced that only Smart has the expertise to combat KAOS, gives him carte blanche to reactivate former CONTROL agents to assist him in his task. Along with Drury's bumbling aide, Beamish (Steve Levitt), Smart recruits Larrabee (who, believing that he was under orders from Richard Nixon to stay at his post until relieved, has been living in his office in the now-abandoned CONTROL headquarters tending his office plants), Agent 13, Hymie the Robot (now employed as a crash test dummy) and ultimately, his wife 99 (Barbara Feldon) to find the security leak that allowed the scientist to defect, locate the weather machine and disarm it. They are opposed by KAOS moles within the USIA, who are able to predict Max's every move with the aid of stolen copies of 99's unpublished memoirs. The visible head of the KAOS scheme is revealed to be Max's old nemesis, Siegfried, but he is merely the agent of a higher executive whom even he has never met. This higher power is finally revealed as Nicholas Demente (Harold Gould), 99's publisher, who intends not only to extort the money but also to create weather that will keep people eternally indoors and interfere with television reception, forcing millions to entertain themselves by buying Demente's books and publications.  Comedic style  The script is littered with typical Maxwell Smart verbal gags, and large portions of the plot serve only as set ups for Get Smart!-style sight gags (such as a duel between Max and a KAOS hitman using remote controlled file cabinet drawers). The film also features the array of bizarre gadgetry and political satire that were hallmarks of the original series. The cone of silence has been superseded by "Hover Cover" where a meeting is held on a rooftop with three helicopters hovering overhead. The failure of Hover Cover leads to the development of "The Hall Of Hush",a soundproof room where words print out silently in mid air, a success at first until the words begin to print forward, backward and on top of each other.  Max changes the well known quote "Dr. Livingstone I Presume" to "Dr. Hottentot I Presume".  1995 revival  The relative success of the film prompted the development of a short-lived 1995 weekly series on FOX, also titled Get Smart, with Don Adams and Barbara Feldon reprising their characters as their bumbling son, Zach (Andy Dick), becomes CONTROL's star agent.  原班人马啊,好想看。TAT
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剧情介绍:  《豪姬》是日本电影著名大师勅使河原宏的最后遗作。影片延续了他上一个作品《利休》(获蒙特里尔世界电影节最佳艺术贡献奖)的故事,勅使河原宏要探讨的仍是政治怎样迫害艺术家的主题。影片对时代气氛和细节的考据做得一丝不苟,极尽华丽之能事。两名主角中,仲代达矢早已是知名的性格巨星,著名作品包括小林正树的《切腹》和黑泽明的《影武者》和《乱》;女主角宫泽里惠当时虽只是初露头角,但已光芒四射,2002年更凭著山田洋次的《黄昏清兵卫》横扫日本全年的最佳女主角奖,重登首席女星宝座,可谓美谈。    《豪姬》情节紧接上一部《利休》,以丰臣秀吉和其茶道顾问、利休的弟子古田织部(利休著名的门下弟子世称“利休七哲”,即蒲生氏乡、细川三斋、濑田扫部、芝山监物、高山右近、牧村兵部和古田织部)谈论利休之死开端,大有深意。丰臣秀吉带着言不由衷的悔意谈到自己对利休的“误杀”,织部执意追问,为何杀利休,是因为利休为自己塑像、私贩陶器,还是因为他没有遵嘱杀掉德川家康?这三者秀吉似乎都否认了,但透过他的踌躇满志的神态,似乎可以揣测出来:人主的翻云覆雨就是利休的死因,他的权力就是他的理由。这意味深长的一笔,可视为整部片影片的不祥基调,为下文织部的命运埋下了伏线。    丰臣秀吉视养女豪姬为掌上千金,她原为前田利家的女儿。可能因为自己的亲子早夭的缘故,于是将豪姬打扮成假小子模样,并跟织部学茶道。织部出身武家,因此他对利休的茶道进行了大刀阔斧的改造,一扫利休素朴闲寂、内敛的茶风,改宗雄健刚放、大气华丽的风格,如将利休素色平整的茶碗改为畸形造型数色并用的“鞋型碗”,明艳奔放,一如其人。豪姬在他的薰炙下,也养成活泼豪勇的男子性格,能骑擅射,精灵古怪,深得人喜爱。    一日织部于茶道中和蒲氏生乡及细川三斋谈及利休之首被人悬于其塑像下被人围观,疑为丰臣秀吉指使。豪姬听得此事,在织部的默许下,豪姬和织部的家仆阿肥蒙面连夜将利休的尸首抢回,并冲破丰臣人马的封锁,将之送回利休的家乡。其间,两人萌生若有若无的情意。然阿肥为免自己行动祸及主人,只得远遁山林。镜头于此撇开了织部和豪姬,紧跟阿肥在山林的野人生活。正所谓山中方一日,世上已千年。阿肥在山上过了数年,忽闻世上已改朝换代的事实:丰臣秀吉已死,当权者为德川家康,豪姬已嫁宇喜多秀家,其夫因反对德川失败,被流放至边地,豪姬则被赶回自己的母家前田家,而织部则成了德川家康的茶道顾问。敕使河原宏非常简略地带过这段风雷激荡的时期,不作渲染,快刀斩短麻,只简捷地从笙歌燕歌急管繁弦转到急管哀弦,马上又转到急景凋年,身不由己的是各人飘荡的命运。    从阿肥的眼光出发,以他披发入山为界,织部、豪姬和他的命运在电影的前后两部分迥异。豪姬夫被逐,自己形同软禁,往年男子般的豪勇气概已烟消云散,悒悒不乐。织部虽为德川家康的茶道顾问,但也不过抑抑度日。德川家康对茶道一无所知,对织部汲汲于茶事大不以为然,认为其太迂腐。在前者眼中,权力地位才是一切。    看得出豪姬和织部非同寻常的情谊,当她打探到织部的消息后,便迫不及待地准备和乃师举行一场茶会,日期选定为利休的忌日。但德川家康江山甫定,对其时兴起的基督教等结社大为忌惮,加以残酷弹压。织部作为前朝旧臣,德川对此已不信任,况且听说他赴的茶会也有基督徒,自不能放过。果然,织部和豪姬茶会未毕,德川已派人将之逮捕并处死。    《豪姬》的一头一尾,利休的阴魂不散,缠绕在织部的头上,暗示他的命运将逃不脱利休宿命。如果说利休的死亡是由于他的巨大声名引发了当权者的权力恐惧,则织部的死亡应归之于一朝天子一朝臣的权力换代游戏。与开头利休的死因莫须有相呼应,织部其实也死于当权者随便罗织的罪名。要之,两师徒的死亡都是艺术大师涉足政治圈后无可避免的必然命运。可悲的不是发生于他们身上的艺术与政治不可调和的冲突,而是他们从来不曾意识到艺术需要的是尽可能远离政治的独立和自由。他们的死不是死于对艺术理念的独立和自由的坚持,而死于与艺术不相干的斩不断理还乱的政治权力的泥沼,斯为悲剧之中的最可悲之处。    导演敕使河原宏,上世纪六七十年代以改编存在主义作家安部公部的小说一举成名,蜚声国际,其后一段时间息影,继承其父------日本花道流派掌门敕使河原苍风的草月流派衣钵,从事花道和陶艺,取得不俗的成绩,举办过几次展览,自己还成为草月流的新掌门。《豪姬》和《利休》一样,是他息影十多年复出后拍摄的电影,两片结合了他茶道花道的造诣和导演的精巧技艺,以华丽的布景和服装造型,专业的茶道和花道表演,仲代达矢、三国连三郎等人的精彩演绎,再现了日本桃山安土时代的乱世风貌,其间茶道艺术与政治权力的冲突,作为权力牺牲品的茶道大师的悲剧形象,在在令人过目难忘。
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